Success Scenario

Do you know your best path to success for your career? Do you know your strengths? Do you know what work excites you most and where you truly excel?

Can you explain the value you bring to your current organization or the value you would bring to a new one?

Knowing and articulating your value is vital to your career success.

When companies are trying to sell a product or service, they often develop a unique customer value proposition to explain why what they offer is what a customer needs. They expressly define the most basic elements of value the product or service offers and how that value is greater than the cost the customer will pay.

Sometimes this is very quantifiable. A software company might pitch to a potential customer a savings of 1,000 labor hours by switching their new, more efficient accounting software, which more than makes up for the actual cost of the software.

Sometimes, it isn’t as quantifiable. It can be the value provided in peace of mind, happiness, or inclusion into an exclusive club. Owning a classic Corvette won’t save you money, but it will make you cool.

This same principle of developing a unique value proposition can be applied to your career.

You can refine your strengths and the value you bring to their most basic essence and show that your value outweighs your “cost” – the salary and benefits you earn.

Once you know your unique value, you can use this when negotiating a raise or bonus, to land the lead of a new project or initiative, to move into a new role, or to get a promotion. (If you are looking for a job currently, your Success Scenario should be at the top of your resume.)

Knowing your strengths and value and being able to clearly articulate them to others is one of the best things you can do for your career.

My Success Scenario gives you the formula for your unique career value proposition.

We discuss your strengths, the things that excite you most, where you get your energy, and where you shine and succeed the most, and I help you turn that information into a clear proposition of your value – your Success Scenario.

What you get:

  • 45 Minute Success Scenario Consultation
  • Your Success Scenario refined to just a few sentences
  • Access to the Gallup StrengthsFinder test to determine your top five strengths.
  • Access to the Fascination Advantage test to see how others best see you.
  • Worksheet to clarify your strengths and focus your intent
  • An action plan to promote, use, and strengthen your Success Scenario

Your investment in your success:

For just $167 you will understand your true value and get an action plan for using it to create success in your career.

Are you ready to elevate your success?

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