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Flipside Thinker exists to help people think more creatively and purposefully so that problem solving and decision making is easier and more productive.

We all have problems that need solving and decisions that need making. Some are relatively simple, such as "Should I rearrange the furniture in my living room or bedroom?" and some are more complex, such as "Should I get a new job?". Businesses face a multitude of problems and decision points every day. Launching new products, re-designing old ones, opening a new location, changing a process, hiring new team members, etc.

There are strategies for thinking about problems and decisions in new and creative ways that will make the process of coming to a conclusion better. And not only will the process be better, but the outcomes will be better as well. Too many of us fall into easy and familiar ways of problem solving that leaves better, more creative and diverse solutions undiscovered. Pro and con lists are not enough.

Join me in flipping the way we think and the way we solve problems!

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